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VuWall + Parker Group

Unifying Control Room Operations with VuWall and Parker Group

Comprehensive Video Wall Solutions for Mission-Critical Environment

Video Wall Management, KVM Control, Recording & Playback, AV Distribution

Interoperable solution, optimizing operations to enhance decision-making and situational awareness with secure video wall management and recording technology.

In the dynamic realm of control room operations, the collaboration between VuWall and Parker Group delivers a robust and integrated video wall solution. VuWall’s leading video wall management solution seamlessly merges with Parker Group’s best-in-class recording software, AVenue, creating a powerful synergy. This partnership empowers control room operators with unparalleled capabilities, providing complete video wall control, along with advanced recording and playback functionalities. As a result, operators can conduct thorough post-action reviews and incident analyses with precision and efficiency, setting a new standard for control room operations.

Key Features

Interoperable video wall management solutions for creating the most efficient corporate workspaces

Unified Visualization

VuWall's cutting-edge video wall management solution seamlessly integrates with AVenue's AV-over-IP capabilities, offering a unified visualization experience for control room operators.

Control Room Empowerment

Empower control room operators with complete video wall control, including advanced recording and playback functionalities. This comprehensive approach facilitates post-action review and incident analysis, ensuring swift and precise decision-making.

Mission-Critical Environments

AVenue takes center stage in mission-critical environments such as control rooms, government facilities, and training/simulation scenarios. Its ability to synchronously record and play back high-resolution audio and video in real-time proves instrumental for collaborative decision-making.

Modular Video Wall Management

VuWall's video wall and KVM processing nodes, exemplified by the PAK multi-decode node, provide a scalable IP-based video wall solution. PAK simplifies integration, reduces cable requirements, and eliminates single points of failure, offering control room operators unparalleled flexibility.

User-Friendly Interface

AVenue ensures a user-friendly experience with real-time DVR controls. Operators can seamlessly play, pause, skip back, fast forward, catch up to live, and bookmark content, enhancing operational efficiency.

Security and Compliance

Built on DevSecOps principles, AVenue prioritizes security. TAA-compliant hardware and software fortify the system, establishing a resilient security posture and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Modernized Workflows

The collaboration addresses the communication needs of modern control room environments, breaking down silos between traditional IT and AV. This integration supports modernized workflows, fostering a streamlined and efficient operational environment.

Video Wall Management & AV Distribution Made Simple

The synergy between VuWall and AVenue not only meets but exceeds the demands of control room operations. From unified visualization to modular wall management and user-friendly controls, this collaboration paves the way for a new era in control room efficiency. Take the next step in elevating your operations – explore the capabilities of VuWall and AVenue today.