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Training and Simulation

Accelerate Your Aspirations

In the dynamic world of training and simulation, precision and immersion are the foundation of effective learning and skill development. With AVenue, you gain the power to securely record, share, store, and playback high-fidelity training data, fostering strong collaboration and revolutionizing the effectiveness of your training programs.

Test Drive Transformation

AVenue revolutionizes training and simulation with its advanced capabilities, marking a significant departure from conventional methods. By seamlessly synchronizing recording and playback in real-time, it elevates immersion levels, particularly crucial in scenarios like combat or flight training.

Data Boulevard

AVenue simplifies the art of data mastery. Export recordings to separate AV files from our servers, streamlining data processing and enhancing your ability to produce data products. With AVenue as your steadfast ally, you have found the go-to tool for managing and utilizing AV content effectively and securely over internet networks.

AV over IP Takes the Wheel

Leveraging AV over IP technology, AVenue efficiently transmits high-resolution content across existing IT infrastructure to our cutting-edge AMMS. This system not only records incoming streams but also facilitates real-time sharing with remote hardware and software, ensuring flawless decoding of AV signals for an uninterrupted training experience.

Real-Time Insights, Limitless Potential

With AVenue, real-time insights are at your fingertips. AVenue’s recorded AV files become invaluable resources, enabling users to leverage captured data for analysis, engineering, reviews, and training – unlocking the full potential of your training programs.

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