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Parker Group Demonstrates Interoperability of New AVoIP Solution at GSX 2023

Dallas, Sept. 11, 2023 — At this week’s GSX conference, Parker Group, a leading provider of integrated engineering services and technologies, is exhibiting its seamless ability to collaborate with a variety of ecosystem partners, including leaders in the field of advanced video wall solutions. Taking place at booth #1819, the demonstrations spotlight the open-ended design of Parker Group’s AVenue AV-over-IP solution and its effectiveness in augmenting real-time situational awareness within control rooms.

At the center of the initiative is the melding of AVenue’s synchronous recording features with scalable visual presentation technologies. The real-time DVR controls within AVenue offer unmatched control flexibility, enabling operators to manipulate visual content through a range of options, from playing and pausing to rewinding, fast-forwarding, live tracking, and flagging essential events and data.

“GSX serves as the optimal stage for us to unveil the robust capabilities of AVenue, especially its ability to interoperate effortlessly with multiple partners in the ecosystem,” noted Ray May, CTO, Parker Group. “The conference provides a unique setting for direct interaction with vital stakeholders, allowing us to demonstrate how our technology can substantially elevate real-time situational awareness in mission-critical environments.”

By showcasing its sophisticated approach, Parker Group strengthens decision-making oversight and amplifies the capability for users to monitor, assess, and respond to real-time scenarios. Debuting to control room users this week at the event, AVenue is poised to bring significant advancements in operational intelligence, fuse common AV/AT silos, and expedite the sharing of information.

“The significance of this project goes beyond technical prowess; it’s about aligning our vision to make real-time situational awareness more simple and accessible,” added May. “This marks a substantial leap forward in visual technology, transforming the very meaning of being ‘in the moment’ during critical operations.”

To see the integration in action, make a pit stop at Infragard booth #1819 at GSX 2023.

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Parker Group is a leading integrated engineering services provider, committed to providing innovative and reliable solutions for mission-critical environments. The company’s services and technologies are designed to excel in a wide range of areas, including AV distribution, network and security operations, and training and simulation. For more information, visit

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