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Parker Group and VuWall Unveil Cutting-Edge AV-over-IP Solutions at DoDiiS Conference

This week, attendees at the Department of Defense Intelligence Information System (DoDiiS) conference in Portland, Ore., will witness something extraordinary. Parker Group, renowned for its integrated engineering services and technologies, is all set to showcase the comprehensive capabilities of its AV-over-IP platform, AVenue, in collaboration with VuWall’s video wall control systems.


A Glimpse into the Future at Booth 653

For those attending, make your way to booth 653. Here, Parker Group will be demonstrating the prowess of AVenue. The focus? How seamlessly it integrates with mission-critical  systems, its unmatched versatility, and adaptability. What’s really going to catch your eye is the platform’s after-action reporting (AAR) feature. It’s a game-changer in enhancing mission-critical collaboration, especially in government settings.


A Synergistic Partnership for Advanced Control

Our partnership  with VuWall isn’t just about showing off fancy tech. It’s about redefining video wall management. Picture this: advanced recording, playback, and post-action analysis capabilities, all streamlined into one. VuWall brings to the table its secure, scalable video wall solutions, including the TRx management software and PAK video wall and KVM nodes. This combo is pushing the boundaries of visualization technology.


Transforming Government Environments

DoDiiS isn’t just about showcases. There’ll be in-depth presentations on how AVenue is revolutionizing mission-critical government operations. We’re talking about real-time synchronization of recording and playback that elevates the audio-visual experience. The platform’s ability to integrate seamlessly into various applications is not just impressive; it enhances situational awareness to levels previously thought impossible.


Flasks & Flannel: Avenue Launch Party

Unwind after a full day at DoDIIS Worldwide and join us for an evening of festivities, featuring our very own PG Bigfoot and the exciting sport of axe-throwing. Promising an atmosphere filled with laughter and fun, this event at Blade & Timber Portland is officially sanctioned by DoDIIS Worldwide 2023. Enjoy a drink and some tasty bites, this is a night of celebration you won’t want to miss. Mark your calendars for an unforgettable time at the AVenue Launch Party!


Stay tuned for more updates from the DoDiiS conference, and if you’re there, don’t miss the chance to witness this technological marvel firsthand!

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