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Control Rooms

Control rooms serve a central role in various industries, facilitating seamless communication, coordination, and decision-making. With unwavering focus on reliability and efficiency, our AVenue solution empowers control room operators to effectively manage and leverage crucial information, ensuring mission-critical tasks are executed with precision around the clock.

Defense and Government

AVenue is purpose-built to meet the demanding requirements of government entities, empowering operators with cutting-edge tools to effectively manage and distribute vital content. With AV over IP capabilities, AVenue facilitates secure recording, sharing, storage, and real-time playback of high-resolution data, bolstering situational awareness and enabling strategic decision-making in the most challenging and sensitive environments.

Training and Simulation

Training and Simulation environments demand precision and immersive experiences to ensure effective learning and skill development. AVenue enables secure recording, sharing, storage, and real-time playback of high-fidelity training data, fostering unparalleled situational awareness and enhancing the effectiveness of training programs, ultimately ensuring the readiness and success of participants in various training and simulation scenarios.

Public Sector

Utilities providers have the critical responsibility to bring vital services like electricity and water to the public. In order to guarantee production and distribution in the best possible way, our control room solutions provide operators with the necessary tools to perform their mission-critical tasks, 24/7.


In the healthcare domain, precise and timely information can be a matter of life and death. AVenue was purposefully designed to cater to the unique needs of healthcare settings, empowering control room operators with advanced tools to manage and distribute critical medical content. Control rooms are pivotal in orchestrating seamless communication and collaboration to ensure optimal patient care and operational efficiency.