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Parker Group and VuWall Combine Innovations to Deliver Revolutionary Training and Simulation Solutions at I/ITSEC 2023

Orlando, Fla. – Nov. 27, 2023 – Parker Group, a leading provider of integrated engineering services and technologies, will showcase the capabilities of its AV-over-IP capture, recording, and distribution platform, AVenue, combined with VuWall video wall control systems at the upcoming Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC), held from Nov. 27 to Dec. 1, 2023, in Orlando, Fla.

At booth 465, Parker Group will demonstrate its AVenue AV-over-IP platform, highlighting its seamless integration with training and simulation systems, and its exceptional versatility and flexibility. The platform’s after-action reporting (AAR) functionality will also be featured, showcasing its transformative impact on training outcomes.

In partnership with VuWall, Parker Group will present an integrated solution for complete video wall control. This collaboration brings advanced functionalities for recording, playback, and post-action review to the forefront. VuWall’s secure and scalable video wall solutions deliver cutting-edge visualization technology with its TRx centralized management software platform and PAK video wall and KVM nodes, simplifying integration and enhancing scalability.

“We are extremely excited about our partnership with Parker Group and the opportunity to display our collaborative solution,” said Paul Vander Plaetse, Founder and CEO, VuWall. “This partnership underscores our mutual dedication to pioneering, excellence, and crafting solutions that simplify the intricate challenges inherent to a wide variety of training environments. Our collective offerings enable organizations to fully harness the capabilities of AV-over-IP environments, transforming the landscape of visual collaboration.”

Activities at the conference will also highlight the enhanced learning experience enabled by AVenue, with its real-time synchronization of recording and playback that supports an immersive training environment. The platform delivers a unique ability to integrate into various applications, especially in skill transition and training platforms, and enhances the overall learning experience by providing a level of immersion that was previously hard to achieve. Collaboration among trainers and trainees is streamlined, leading to more effective skill development.

“We’re delighted to present AVenue at I/ITSEC and demonstrate how our solution has transformed hardware and software development and testing,” said Ray May, CTO, Parker Group. “Its seamless integration and ability to record and playback HWIL visualizations significantly enhances simulation realism and effectiveness. Additionally, its real-time DVR and AAR capabilities are invaluable in diverse settings, particularly in aiding skill transition and training. These features allow organizations to rapidly access and use recorded AV content, greatly improving both efficiency and effectiveness in complex learning scenarios.”

About Parker Group
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