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Discover how AVenue Modernizes Control Rooms at GSX 2023

Parker Group is gearing up to attend GSX 2023 in Dallas next month. This annual event is one of the largest security industry conferences in the U.S., and our team is thrilled to introduce the AVenue solution to attendees. At this year’s event, we’ll offer live demonstrations that showcase how AVenue transforms the landscape of audio-visual technology in control rooms at booth #1819. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect to see from us at this year’s show.

At GSX 2023, discover how AVenue introduces control room operators to a new type of precision backed by modern AV over IP technology. Control rooms are essential across countless industries, ensuring organizations are empowered to communicate, coordinate, and take action based on the most accurate data possible. Parker Group aims to empower control room operators with an undeniable advantage through its AV over IP solution: AVenue. This solution provides operators the necessary support to analyze and leverage crucial AV data effectively, ensuring mission-critical tasks are completed precisely and efficiently.

Revolutionizing the Control Room Experience with AV over IP

When it comes to operating a control room, maintaining situational awareness is paramount. However, with an outdated, obsolete audio-visual system at the center, operations can be held back by the limited capabilities of yesterday’s technology. Operators need to maintain complete situational awareness to facilitate effective communication and collaboration. AV over IP helps operators stay ahead of information by providing real-time, multi-source data integration, enabling operators to assess critical information swiftly. This capability improves response times and facilitates more informed decision-making in high-pressure situations, making AV solutions indispensable in control room environments.

Organizations looking for an unshakable supporting framework to assist global control rooms and other mission-critical environments can find their ideal solution in AV over IP technologies like AVenue. Our solution empowers operators to take high-resolution audio-visual content and deliver it securely to recipients through existing systems. AVenue transmits high-resolution AV content securely through any control room’s IT infrastructure to our advanced Digital Media Servers (DMS). These do more than store the incoming data; they actively distribute it in real-time to remote hardware and software equipped to decode the AV signals. This solution ensures efficient and dynamic distribution of AV content, enabling seamless communication and collaboration across remote locations.

Ready to embark on the journey to modernize your organization’s control room? Schedule a meeting with us at booth #1819 at GSX 2023.

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