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Control Rooms

The Fast Lane to Efficiency

AVenue serves as the unshakable supporting framework behind global control rooms, security operations centers, and unified command posts. With AVenue, you can capture, share, record, store, and replay crucial situation-awareness content to stay ahead of the curve.

AVenue of Possibilities

Control rooms stand as the nerve centers of communication and collaboration, housing the lifeblood of data and intelligence. In these crucial environments, maintaining absolute control is non-negotiable. In mission-critical control rooms, AVenue integrates traditional AV systems with contemporary IT requirements. This strategy optimizes operations and enhances response times, all within a cybersecure framework. This seamless combination of AV and IT systems elevates the capabilities and ensures a more responsive and prepared operational stance.

Intersection of Excellence

AVenue boasts the extraordinary ability to take high-resolution AV content and transmit it securely over your existing IT infrastructure. Our AMMS become the watchful guardians, recording incoming streams while simultaneously sharing them in real-time with remote hardware and software that decodes these invaluable AV signals.

Data-Driven Path

Discover the true potential of your AV content. AVenue enables you to export recordings to separate AV files from our servers, streamlining data processing and enhancing your ability to produce actionable insights. In simple terms, AVenue becomes your go-to tool for managing and utilizing AV content effectively and securely over internet networks. Operators can stay “in the moment” with AVenue’s DVR functionalities allowing them to immediately rewind/bookmark events for rapid decision-making. 

Main Street to Digital

Control rooms ensure seamless communication, coordination, and decisive actions. We provide operators with an unyielding edge through AVenue. Our solution empowers teams in Tactical Operations Center (TOC), Security Operations Center (SOC), and Network Operations Center (NOC) to effectively manage and leverage crucial information, ensuring mission-critical tasks are executed with precision around the clock.

The Road to Innovation

With AVenue, knowledge knows no bounds. Our decoded AV signals can be accessed remotely, ensuring that vital, up-to-the-minute information is always at your fingertips. Need to revisit past events? AVenue’s recorded AV files stand ready for playback, empowering users with invaluable data for analysis, engineering, reviews, and training purposes.

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