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Adventure is Out There: A Look Back at InfoComm 2023

InfoComm, one of the largest AV shows in the industry, recently took place in Orlando, and we, the Parker Group, were thrilled to be a part of this prestigious event.  We maximized the opportunity to connect with our partners, strengthen our collaboration, engage in team building, and pave the way for the much-anticipated launch of our groundbreaking new product, AVenue. Join us as we take you through a look back at our exhilarating experiences at InfoComm.

Building Connections and Strengthening Partnerships

InfoComm’s vibrant atmosphere provided us with an ideal setting to foster meaningful connections with our partners. We prioritized one-on-one meetings to deepen our relationships, laying the foundation for future collaborations and mutual growth. The energy and enthusiasm in the air were contagious, fueling our determination to forge enduring partnerships that would extend beyond the show floor.

Team Building and Strategy Sessions

InfoComm was not only an opportunity for networking; it also served as a catalyst for team building and strategic planning within our organization. We gathered our dynamic team in Orlando to align our visions, set goals, and develop a robust strategy for the upcoming AVenue launch. Collaborative brainstorming sessions and insightful discussions invigorated our team, fostering unity and ensuring a coordinated approach towards propelling AVenue’s success in the market. The bonds forged during this time will undoubtedly contribute to our continued growth and triumphs.

Exploring the Cutting-Edge

InfoComm provided us with an exclusive glimpse into the latest advancements in the AV industry, and we eagerly explored the offerings of industry leaders such as VuWall, Barco, and Matrox. These well-regarded companies showcased their updated products, and captivated us with cutting-edge technology and solutions. We immersed ourselves in the evolution of each of their AV technologies, gaining valuable insights into market dynamics, and reaffirming our commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering top-of-the-line solutions to our valued clients.

Now that we’re settled back into the office, we continue to reap benefits from our participation in this year’s event. It truly was a remarkable journey of connection, team building, and exploration, and it excited us about the future of our company and our solutions. By prioritizing relationship-building with our partners, focusing on our team’s cohesion, and immersing ourselves in the latest industry developments, we reinforced our position as a forward-thinking player in the AV market. The interactions with industry leaders further propelled our drive to excel and solidified our readiness to make a significant impact. As we approach the launch of AVenue, we are poised to redefine the AV landscape, driven by innovation, partnerships, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

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