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Experience the Future of AVoIP

Parker Group’s flagship offering, AVenue is a robust AV over IP solution tailored to enterprises that require meticulous and secure handling of mission-critical content. With the rise of digital enterprises and the importance of data and communication in real-time decision-making, systems like Avenue have become vital. 

  • Recording: Any video or audio content can be saved for future reference, analysis, or review. 
  • Distributing: Captures and disseminates data, ensuring that relevant stakeholders can access the content. 
  • Supporting Control Rooms: The solution is not limited to local or regional setups but can operate on a global scale. 
  • Situational Awareness: AVenue can help users understanding the ‘full picture.’

Synchronous Recording

Synchronous recording with real-time DVR controls enable pause, skip back, fast forward, catch up to live and content bookmarking.

Modernize Infrastructure

Underlying architecture built on DevSecOps principles. TAA-compliant hardware and software supports resilient security posture.

Streamline Workflows

Modernized workflows integrate traditional IT/AV silos and support cost-effective system modernization initiatives

Bridge AV and IT

Improves enterprise visibility and collaboration for accurate and timely decision making, data analysis, and speed to market.

Who We Are

Parker Group lives where the avenues of integrity, respect, and loyalty intersect. Our values form the compass that steers our interactions and daily operations.

Our mission? To be the fuel that powers seamless collaboration, intuitive operations, and smart data capture. But to turbo-charge our customers’ abilities, we start with tuning our own engine. We’re crafting a platform and products we’re genuinely proud of, with a crew of diverse, curious, and creative minds eager to make their mark on the world.

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